This project uses the potentiometer and LED to make a lighthouse and boat simulation, where as the boat gets closer to the coast and the lighthouse, the lighthouse will change the speed of the blinking lights.

First, make a sea for the boat to move around by gluing down colored paper on a thick construction paper.

Additionally, add slits for the pathway in which the boat will move closer and farther away from the lighthouse.

Next, the boat. Attach a paper clip to a cutout paper with copper tape on the bottom. Place the origami at the top of the structure. For details on how to make an origami boat, you will find this link useful:

It is important to have the paper clip at the bottom so that it can fit into the pathway slit and provide a stable connection between the boat and the sea.

Next, add the copper tape side of the potentiometer and attached it to A7 on the CPX.

Then, add the conductive pain side of the potentiometer, making sure that the paint and the copper tape is properly secured to GND, 3.3V, and each other.

If you are having a hard time figuring this out, you can always go back to the sensor card for reference and help! link:

Now for the lighthouse. For instructions on making the origami lighthouse, check out this video:

After making the lighthouse, on the back side of the lighthouse, attach the copper tape that will connect the LED at the top of the structure to the CPX.

Here, you will see that the LED is attached with copper wire and leads back down to the bottom of the lighthouse.

After all the components have been completed, assemble! The sea part should already be assembled, so just make sure that the LED is properly connected to its corresponding pin and GND. You can always refer back to the LED card for help. link:

The code for this project is uploaded at:

Go ahead and click on the link. Download the code and upload to your CPX.

Now it is all done! Try to move the boat around the path to have the lighthouse change speed!