At MCVT Lab, we develop MCVT materials and activities using a kit. This MCVT kit is comprised of four types of printed paper cards along with a microcontroller and a set of conductive and non-conductive craft materials.

Make: These cards includes five sensor cards (digital contact, analog potentiometer, analog pressure input, flex input, capacitive touch) and three actuation cards (LED, speaker, motor).

STEM Connect: These informational cards support learning STEM content by explaining underlying principles of how each of the Make Cards works. These also provide links to additional learning resources.

In the World: These informational cards introduce real-world application examples to show where computing technologies connect to everyday life. They also aim to show how sensors or actuators can help address social issues impacting both CS and learners’ communities.

Design: These are unfolding paper templates for ideation and construction of expressive and personally meaningful stories and youth-inspired projects.