Using MakeCode

All of the code programmed for the Circuit Playground will be uploaded in the MakeCode website.


Navigating MakeCode

The Combined Code for the CPX is embedded on this page[]. You can use MakeCode’s code editor to modify your program. There are two ways to edit the program, with block or using javascript.

To edit your code, press the edit button located on the top-right side of the screen.

a. Blocks: You will most likely use this tab for editing your code. There are many different blocks you can mix and match to create a program that fits your needs. The blocks are shaped to indicate the correct or incorrect placement of the blocks. If you have questions about what each block does, check out this awesome site with block definitions


b. Javascript: This tab will include a fancy written code version of your program design. The language is called javascript, but you don’t need to worry about it too much.

c. Comments: By clicking on the chat bubble on the top-left corner of each block labeled c1 in the image above, you can view the different comments made, which look like blocks labeled c2. You can also make your own comments by right clicking on the blocks and selecting Add Comment.

Uploading the Code

d. After you’re done editing your code, locate the save button in the bottom of the screen. A file download will happen once you click the button. Connect the CPX to your computer, press the reset button(center of CPX) to open the CPX drive, and drag the file into the CPX drive. Then you’re all set to go! Make sure that your CPX stays connected to your computer or another external power source to run.