Treasure Hunt

This project uses capacitive touch and a speaker to simulate a heist situation. The objective of the game is to grab the “treasure” and bring it out without setting off the alarm.

First, layout the blueprints for where the board will be cut and bent. Then, layout where the cpx will be and the copper tape lines.

Then cut out the pattern and place all the components in their respective spot. This configuration is based on the speaker card, and is very similar, so if you have trouble, you can refer to that card.

The next step is to make the DIY speaker just like the speaker card .

Then attach it to the copper wire as indicated in the drawing.

Use copper tape, and connect it to pin A3 and A2. Then make an arrangement that mimics laser alarm systems from spy movies. These use capacitive touch to trigger the alarm if you touch them. You can also add decorations to make it more personal.

The most difficult part of this application example is setting the correct threshold for A2 and A3. I would use the same ones in the code, but if they don’t work, play around with that number. The code is here: .