How to add a new page!

this is an example of what a project page (sensor/actuator/application/workshop) might look like.

this is just a place holder for a video that you might want to insert!

creating a new project

locate portfolio

Head to dashboard. You can access this page by logging in to wordpress or clicking the wordpress button on the unblackboxing website. Then, on the left menu bar, locate and click on the Portfolio button.

add a new project

On the right hand side of the window, you should be able to see an ‘Add new project’ button. Click on it to make a new page. You can also access it by hovering over the portfolio section and clicking ‘Add New’.

setting up the page

categorize the page

To add a category to your page, head to the menu on the right hand side of the page. under the tab ‘Project Types’, click on the subject you would like this page to go into.

add a cover photo

On the same side as ‘Project Types’, there should be a ‘Features Image’ tab as well. Click on it to add a cover photo. This will not show up on the selected page, but on the page will all projects.

adding your content

insert a video

adding a video block

To choose a block, first type in the front slash(/). Then, you can add whichever block you’d like. For this instance, type in video immediately after it to add a video block.

insert a url

You can press on the ‘Insert from URL’ to paste the link of your video to embed the video into the webpage.

add a column

insert a column

just like adding the video block, first type in the front slash and write ‘column’ immediately after it to insert a column block.

selecting the type

A column selection box will pop up. Select the type of column division you would like. (this is a 50/50 variation column)

add content

After you have selected your column type, you can go ahead and add the types of content by simply clicking on the + button on each column!

insert text

first inserting a header

Adding text is really easy. If you want to add a header before you write some text, you can simply type “/header” to add a header box. (see the pattern?) Or you can simply type “/h2” to insert a header 2 in the box.

change header type

To change the type of header, click on the text outlining your current header type. Here, you can look at all the different header types as well.

to add regular text

To add regular text, just type!


If you’re first making the page, you can click on the publish button to publish the page to the website.

updating the page

If you made the page already and have been editing the content, instead of a publish button, an update button with be visible. Simply press it to update the published content!