How to add a new video!

this is a page detailing how you can add a tutorial video to youtube, and later to the webpage!

loggin in to unblackboxing account

ask Amy for account information!

uploading to youtube

After you sign in, on the top right menu bar of the youtube page, there should be a camera icon with a plus inside. Click on it to upload a new video.

searching through your files

A pop-up page will show up, and you will have to search through and choose only video files to upload.

adding in details

Once you have uploaded the video, while the video is processing, you will be able to add information about the video, like the title page and description.

other video details

As you keep scrolling and moving through, you will be able to add your own thumbnail or pick a frame from the video you have uploaded. You can additionally select a playlist you want this video to be in.

choosing the audience

For this section, make sure you have “No, it’s not made for kids” selected.

video elements

This section is optional, so feel free to skip this part!

copyright checks

You don’t really have to do anything here, except to check that the video passes copyright checks. If everything is good to go, then great! If not, then you would need to edit your videos again.

visibility and publish!

For this section, make sure you have either unlisted or public selected, based on how you want the audience to access the youtube video. After this you can go ahead and press publish, and you’re done!